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Lavender Ranch

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17 W. Rio Bonito
Biggs, CA 95917
(530) 868-5151

Tours, New Aromas, and Gourmet Culinary line now available.

Hours: Monday - Thursday 8am to 4pm, Friday & Saturday 10am to 2pm

Step into the gardens, bask in the timeless beauty of Mother Nature with Lavender Ranch™ products. We invite you to experience the Real Essences from Mother Nature that Lavender Ranch™ is committed to delivering.

Experience a walk through flowering hills with our LAVENDER RANCH™ products. Family owned and operated since 1865 in Biggs, California, our products are Grown, Distilled, and Delivered from our family to yours. Lavender Ranch™ welcomes innovation while respecting tradition. Stepping onto the land takes you back in time to a place where flowers and herbs grew simply and purely in nature. Today these essences are distilled right on the farm, capturing their fresh aroma instantly - straight from Mother Nature for you. We deliver REAL Plants, REAL Essences, REAL Power.

We are dedicated to preserving the powers of Mother Nature with every plant grown and distilled at Lavender Ranch™. A moment of tranquility and balance in your busy world returns with the soothing aromas and "Blossoms of Essence" from Lavender Ranch™. Blossoms In A Bottle® is certified by Professor Christopher J Nichols, CSUC as an accurate measurement of the essence of certified organic lavender blossoms that we guarantee in every package. We defined the difference between pure, unadulterated distillates and synthetics in order to protect and preserve the integrity of REAL Mother Nature. Lavender Ranch offers personal care products packed with thousands of organic lavender blossoms grown on a north state ranch in Biggs.

Our products contain ingredients grown and processed right on the ranch, therefore exemplifying Quality We Control. We can assure the blossoms are counted accurately, the product integrity is kept at a high standard, and the finished products are true to the claims on the label.

Enjoy the simple pleasures you deserve!
From REAL Farmers and Distillers - Homegrown USA