About Sierra Oro Farm Trail

The beginning of specialty farms in Butte County actually chronicles the development of California’s agricultural industry that is now celebrated around the world for its diversity of crops and progressive farmers.

While early Butte County history is steeped with tales of immigrants searching for gold, it soon became apparent that the true wealth of Butte County is its farmland. Traveling on the Sierra Oro Farm Trail you will cross the historical path of generations of farmers who have changed how America eats.

For many Americans in the mid 1800’s and early 1900’s, the first almond, walnut, olive, peach, orange, or kiwi they tasted was grown along the Sierra Oro Farm Trail. These pioneering farm families are remembered at many of the stops on the farm trail and whose memory continues to inspire today’s farmers to provide your family with a taste of California.

The Sierra Oro Farm Trail is a non-profit association of farmers and business people in Butte County with a shared passion for agriculture and our community.

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