Earthworm Soil Factory

In the 16 years that Earthworm Soil Factory has had the opportunity to show what we can do; we have had award winning success across many venues. Over the years our success has been driven by one simple question: Who fertilizes the forest? From the very beginning Earthworm Soil Factory has worked to change the way we grow food in America. Earthworm Soil Factory has strived to create a natural process using our products that is truly sustainable and gets us back to the basics of nature. The notion of planting a seed in soil and just watering it without adding something, i.e. fertilizer, seems almost archaic in the agriculture industry nowadays. The push for production and the idea of depleted soils has led us to believe we need to take care of a plant because it will not get everything it needs unless we “help” it. Earthworm Soil Factory believes we have lost faith in the soil! Good healthy soil makes good healthy plants!

2552 Clark Rd.
Butte Valley, CA 95965
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