Hodge's Nursery & Gifts

Hodge's Nursery & Gifts is a "throwback" nursery in that they grow most of the plants & trees they sell. Ken Hodge will be giving tours of the nursery for this special event. The "Demonstration Fruit Orchard & Grape Vineyard" is one of the nursery's favorite tours. Ken will show you how to keep your fruit trees just 5 feet tall & produce bushels of fruit. This demonstration orchard has over 160 different fruit, citrus, grapes, avocados & berries for you to see, how to grow in your own yard. With 5 acres of plants & trees and a Gift Shop, Hodge's will have what you need.

9681 Midway Durham, CA 95938
Phone 530-894-6598
Fax 530-894-6597

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