Patrick Ranch Museum

The Patrick Ranch and Glenwood Farm House were bequeathed to valley residents by the last ranch owner, Hester Grimm Patrick in 2001. Hester and her husband Garrison (who predeceased her in 1981), championed the promotion, documentation, conservation and appreciation of history throughout their lifetimes. In keeping with their wishes, the goal of the Patrick Ranch Museum is to support:

“The preservation and interpretation of the agricultural history of the Sacramento Valley, including social, cultural and economic aspects”

The Patrick Ranch Museum (PRM) and farm house hold a wealth of information regarding the history of California. The Ranch tells a representative story of soil, crops, water and climate, and the people who tried to harness it all. The museum’s grand 1877 farm house (Glenwood) and ranch provide a vast wealth of historic pictures, farm receipts, manuals, furniture, 260 year old Valley Oak trees, and rich alluvial soil. The ranch provides an opportunity to research and discover firsthand the way it was over a century ago.

Glenwood, the museum’s grand farm house, has been restored to earlier times when it was at the peak of its grandeur, social activity and influence. It represents other influential families of the same era such as Durham, Bidwell, Morehead, Burdick, and Troxel, who also resided on similar-sized properties. These families, with similar backgrounds, socio-economic stature and farming expertise, are also being brought into focus. Researchers are also delving into our local agriculture in efforts to fully document the evolution of each crop and collect pertinent agriculture artifacts.

The Patrick Ranch Museum is open every Saturday (11 am to 3 pm) from mid February through early December. “Hands on” living history can be experienced at a multitude of venues throughout the year. The ranch is located at 10381 Midway, Durham, CA 95938. Please visit our web site for additional information on upcoming events and activities at the ranch!

10381 Midway
Durham, CA 95938
(530) 892-1525
HOURS: Saturdays, 10 am – 2 pm

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