Tips for the Trail

Have fun on the trail!

  1. Designate a driver for a worry-free and safe experience!
  2. It is highly unlikely you will make it to all 31 stops - and that is ok! It is not a race, it is nearly impossible to make it everywhere so pick your favorites and enjoy your day.
  3. Invite out-of-town friends and family to visit and buy tickets in advance at participating Tri Counties Bank locations in Butte County to save $$!
  4. If you're a planner, go online to map your route in advance, but if you're a free spirit, see where the trail takes you!
  5. Don't eat a heavy breakfast or lunch, enjoy nibbling all day - make that all weekend long! You might pack some snacks for the car for long days on the farm trail.
  6. When headed out on the Farm Trail, dress in layers, bring extra water, sunscreen, comfortable shoes and an adventurous attitude!
  7. Especially if you plan to buy farm-fresh items, consider bringing an ice chest to keep your tasty treasures nice a cool!
  8. For their comfort and safety, please leave your pets at home as they are not allowed in food areas.
  9. Beat the crowds and get an early start each day to cover more ground!
  10. Avoid the crowds - consider starting somewhere other than at Chico farms and wineries on Saturday!
  11. Because Sunday tends to be less crowded and more leisurely, consider discovering new farms and wineries on that day!
  12. Mix it up! No need to start at stop #1 and go in order. Pave your own unbeaten path and make new discoveries!
  13. Visit both farms and wineries, maybe rotate at each stop to add variety and stay energized!
  14. Make sure to get your passport stamped at each location.
  15. Don't forget to bring your wine glass on Sunday!
  16. Keep farm notes in the back of your passport (or on your smart phone) so you will remember your favorite stops and discoveries later.
  17. Passport Weekend is the perfect time to start your holiday shopping early... Lots of unique gift ideas await!